Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pixilation Downshooter spots

Here are four new pixilated spots that I worked on that premiered on Spanish television (television in Spain, that is) this month. The campaign is called "Si sueñas..." and it's to promote Loterías del Estado. They were directed by Yuval and Merav Nathan, the Israeli husband and wife directors of the music video for Her Morning Elegance. These four were animated by Yuval, Guy Ben Shitrit, and myself. The stop motion puppet is the talented and patient Linn Bjornland and the production company was Acme Filmworks.

You might want to hit the full screen button on these youtube clips so you can see details like the birds made out of socks or the plates exploding into forks.

Social Genérico Producto These commercials follow three others I helped Yuval and Guy animate earlier in the year (along with Portland animator Kevin Glick). These three are currently airing on Spanish television (Spanish language television in the United States and Latin America, that is). They're for a campaign called "Dreams" to promote Comcast. They were also directed by Yuval and Merav and produced by Acme Filmworks this time with the help of the Stokes/Kohne studio. Anthem Super H Triple Play Downshooter Pixilation seems to be getting more and more popular. Due to the success of Her Morning Elegance, there's been quite a few people who have tried to duplicate its style. But there's also a huge amount of territory to pioneer with downshooter pixilation (i.e. the amazing Coldplay video below). I hope animators continue to play with this style and push it further and further. Some recent examples of downshooter pixilation are: Sorry I'm Late (short film) Anuncio Telefónica (commercial) Target: Every Color You Can Dream (Australian commercial) Target: Every Color You Can Dream - Kids Version (Australian commercial) Chateau Bonne Entente: Summer (Canadian commercial) Coldplay: Strawberry Swing (brilliant Little Nemo inspired music video) Tunisiana: Sayef Jawak (a shameless Tunisian ripoff of Sorry I'm Late) And here's a bonus video of me and Yuval fighting it out on set:


  1. Thanks Justin! By the way, I really enjoyed Gerald's Last Day. I'm looking forward to seeing how your next short progresses!