Friday, December 23, 2011

Dinosaur Office!! RAWR!!!

Over at, they've turned the popular web-series-with-dinosaur-toys Dinosaur Office into a popular web-series-with-stop-motion-dinosaurs Dinosaur Office!

Here's an episode I worked on over at Buddy System Studios:
Directed by Ethan Marak
Animated by Alex Kamer and Pete Levin

Check it out in 3D on your Nintendo 3DS if you've got one!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Discovery Communications: Holiday Card 2011

Over November, while balancing Spy vs. Spy animation for Buddy Systems and directing a live action music video (coming soon...), I squeezed in one more job; helping Discovery Communications with the animation for their corporate holiday card! It was a fun job, too.

They wanted an origami look that would work in iconography for several of the major channels in the Discovery family; Discovery Channel (shark), TLC (cupcake), Science Channel (rocket), ID (magnifying lens), and Animal Planet (lion). Finally, they form a dove and then a troop of doves, signifying peace for the new year. (Yes, I looked up the technical term for a grouping of doves.) Origami paper art designed and crafted by Emily Franz, Melissa Bloom, and Robyn Yannoukos. Lighting by Jeff Gardner. Studio space provided by my buddies at Buddy System Studios.

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Mary Shelley's Frankenhole" Season 2 - Behind the Scenes

I make an appearance at 2:55, sporting a ridiculous mustache.The Adult Swim people who were there that day were asking some leading questions on if we ever talked back to the puppets, but really these puppets in particular are some of the best of I've worked with. The Frankenhole puppet department has my undying respect. No pun intended.

The new season premieres on January 22nd, 2012.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

UPS My Choice - a little paper T-Rex!

Wow, not even back from Brooklyn for a full week and the new spot I just worked on is already up!

For this one I got to work with the talented crew at Charged Studios. Most of the animation is by me in this sequence, with a couple of shots animated by Esther Casas Rouras and Peter Blank. The puppet was designed by Adam Miller, and the spot directed by Adam Pierce. Charged is a great environment and making the spots was a lot of fun, even with the long hours it took to get everything looking the way we wanted it to.

60-Second Version:
30-Second Version:
Here are some behind the scenes shot of Adam punching me in the face!More UPS stuff to be added soon!

Cartoon Network's Mad: Spy Vs. Spy

I get to animate Spy Vs. Spy!! How cool is that?

Click here to see the first of the spots I animated at Buddy System Studios. Puppets and set built by John Sumner.

For those who live outside of the US, you can see some of the stop motion stuff I animated in this video that someone uploaded:
10/2/11 UPDATE:
Click here for another one!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ronzoni - "Pasta Evangelista: It Pays to Eat Pasta"

This April, immediately after the Foo Fighters video was wrapped, I boarded a plane and headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to act as animation director on a series of live action/stop motion spots for Ronzoni Pasta. The spots, directed by Nick Carbonaro and Ben Leavitt for Greencard Pictures, are a fun, energetic way to present recipes and health information about Ronzoni products.

Keep your eyes peeled for the food and puppet animation! Check out all the spots at the official Pasta Evangelista website.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Justin Beaver

My friend Emily Ting's family produces plush toys from their business in Hong Kong. When she mentioned to me that they had acquired the rights to Justin Bieber, I knew instantly that they had to make Justin Beaver.
Here are the designs I sketched out for her:

Of course, Cuddle Barn's designers made him a little more plush-friendly, but I'm still proud of my ridiculous contribution to society.
Six months later, here he is:

Buy a dozen now!

2/17/12 UPDATE:
Here's Justin Beaver with Kelly Ripa and Josh Groban on Live! with Kelly:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stoopid Monkey's youtube channel

Last week saw the announcement and commencement of a new youtube channel created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich; Stoopid Monkey.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to animate a little on Stoopid Monkey over at Buddy System Studios. The Buddies have been exploring and perfecting a unique style of animation using paper-doll-like puppets shot on a downshooter green screen and composited with live action - see their Soulja Boy animation.

Click here to see the Buddies' blogging about Stoopid.

(Cameron Baity did the character animation here, but I animated Stoopid's tail on a second pass.)

Here's a little behind the scenes, including my brief waving scene which is eerily reminiscent to the Hoppus video in the Foo Fighters post:

New videos every Friday for the next ten weeks! Subscribe to the youtube channel and check 'em out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Foo Fighters: Miss The Misery

Summer of 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland. This was the poster that I hung on my bedroom wall:

(It's still hanging there, amidst Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots posters; like a time capsule of high school in the 1990's.)

Winter of 2011 in Los Angeles, California. I'm told I get to direct the official music video for the Foo Fighters' song "Miss the Misery" off of their newest album, Wasting Light.

After a ton of hard work (with less than three weeks between hearing the song for the first time and delivering the final video), the video is premiering today on Fuse TV at 2pm, 9pm, and randomly throughout the day and will later be posted through Fuse the Foo Fighters' official websites.

EDIT: Here it is, the completed video for Miss the Misery:
The concept for the female character in the video came after I saw a website linked to by a friend on Facebook, showing Chinese artist Liu Bolin's urban camouflage body paint. Other inspirations included the work of Emma Hack, Joanne Gair's Disappearing Model, and a Canadian Salvation Army commercial.

At one point in the making of the video, Aiden, the actor, had 83 layers of paint on his face. Linn, the actress, had all of the blood rush to her feet and nearly fainted after holding her position for so long while being painted. (There's still a lot of pioneering to be done with pixilation, so we often had to discover what was and wasn't possible along the way.) Still, even with these hardships, there was never a complaint out of either of these dedicated, talented actors. (Not to mention the ceaselessly committed and inspired crew I was lucky enough to work with on this!)

Keep your eyes peeled for my brief appearance on Hoppus on Music tonight at 11pm. (All times eastern.)

EDIT: Here is my awkward appearance on Hoppus. Don't Blink!

Click on the pictures to embiggen them.
Here are the credits for all of the amazing people who helped on this!

Actor: Aiden Ivy
Actress: Linn Bjornland

Director: Pete Levin
Producer: Andrew Ahn
Producer: Daniel Kang
Associate Producer/1st AD: Eisen “Ace” Yoon

Director of Photography: Josh Silfen
Animation Director: Musa Brooker
Editor: Ishai Setton

Key Body Painter: Justine Serebrin
Key Body Painter: Samitra Borhanpour
Animator: Chris Calvi
Animator: Dan Driscoll
Animation Assistant: Eri Hawkins
Animation Assistant: Ashley Arechiga
Animation Assistant: Nicole Emmons
Art Department Assistant: Jennie Cotterill

Gaffer/AC: Armin Balg
Gaffer: Nathanial Fu
Gaffer: Kyle Murphey

Original Prints: Nigel Sanders
Make-Up Artist: Fanny Herrera
Make-Up Artist: Amanda King

Storyboard Artist: Sam Hale
Post Production Effects: Takashi Takeoka
Post Production Effects: Sol Friedman

Behind the Scenes Videographer: Audrey Stanzler
Animation Production Assistant: Sam Amin
Animation Production Assistant: Danielle Bonadona
Animation Production Assistant: David Braun
Animation Production Assistant: Lauren Brown
Animation Production Assistant: Laura Cechanowicz
Animation Production Assistant: Lisa Chung
Animation Production Assistant: Christy Heyob
Animation Production Assistant: Jay Kim
Animation Production Assistant: Lizzy Klein
Animation Production Assistant: Nalena Kumar
Animation Production Assistant: Burak Kurt
Animation Production Assistant: Brandon Lake
Animation Production Assistant: Amy Lee Ketchum
Animation Production Assistant: Louis Morton
Animation Production Assistant: Spencer Ockwell
Animation Production Assistant: Kelsey Stillmaker
Animation Production Assistant: Vincent Tang
Animation Production Assistant: Michele Yang

Location: Monk Space
Tape Transfer: Point 360
Catering: Fiesta Mediterranean Catering
3D Set Photography: Jon Schnitzer

Special Thanks: Deux Jeans, Max Winston, Screen Novelties, Jen Hoche

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Nature Conservancy: Rivers Are Life

Check out this new animation and set-building I did for The Nature Conservancy. Hooray for good karma animation! And I got to revisit those junior high school lessons on ecology that had faded into the recesses of my memory.

Special thanks to Liz Pringle for construction assistance! Behind the scenes photos by Jennifer Hoche.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

XBox Kinect: Joy Ride

Three days to do almost about a minute of pixillated animation in a ton of different locations with a crew who was used to live action and winter light fading quickly? We did it! The crew, including director Scott Culver and DP Dallas Sterling, were incredibly talented and a lot of fun to work with. Although I think we all could have done without the vicious windburn in the middle of the desert. I served as animation supervisor.

Check out the spot, produced by g-Net Media for a new game on the XBox Kinect system:

Photo by Scott Culver

Photo by Dallas Sterling