Saturday, September 17, 2011

UPS My Choice - a little paper T-Rex!

Wow, not even back from Brooklyn for a full week and the new spot I just worked on is already up!

For this one I got to work with the talented crew at Charged Studios. Most of the animation is by me in this sequence, with a couple of shots animated by Esther Casas Rouras and Peter Blank. The puppet was designed by Adam Miller, and the spot directed by Adam Pierce. Charged is a great environment and making the spots was a lot of fun, even with the long hours it took to get everything looking the way we wanted it to.

60-Second Version:
30-Second Version:
Here are some behind the scenes shot of Adam punching me in the face!More UPS stuff to be added soon!

Cartoon Network's Mad: Spy Vs. Spy

I get to animate Spy Vs. Spy!! How cool is that?

Click here to see the first of the spots I animated at Buddy System Studios. Puppets and set built by John Sumner.

For those who live outside of the US, you can see some of the stop motion stuff I animated in this video that someone uploaded:
10/2/11 UPDATE:
Click here for another one!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ronzoni - "Pasta Evangelista: It Pays to Eat Pasta"

This April, immediately after the Foo Fighters video was wrapped, I boarded a plane and headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to act as animation director on a series of live action/stop motion spots for Ronzoni Pasta. The spots, directed by Nick Carbonaro and Ben Leavitt for Greencard Pictures, are a fun, energetic way to present recipes and health information about Ronzoni products.

Keep your eyes peeled for the food and puppet animation! Check out all the spots at the official Pasta Evangelista website.