Monday, September 21, 2009

Sour Skittles: Eyebrows

New spot up today!

This is a spec commercial for Sour Skittles directed by John Sumner. John's not only a director, but he's the talented puppet builder who's built some amazing stuff for my animated spots Heart Attack, Fridge Tales, Candy Box, and PB&J.

As an added bonus, here are John's storyboards in animatic form:

And here's a spontaneous behind-the-scenes video of John and me breaking down the set:

Here are the credits for the spot:

Director: John Sumner
Animator: Pete Levin
Written by: Neil Bruce
Puppet Fabricator: John Sumner
Set Construction: John Sumner, Pete Levin
Storyboard Artist: John Sumner
Director of Photography: John Harvatine IV
Editor: Pete Levin
Interns: Linnea Hoover, Kevin Lee, Kristina Mickahail, Kelsey Stillmaker
Visual Effects Artists: Brent Johnson, Takashi Takeoka
Announcer: Evan McNamara
Sound Recordist: Michael Stellman

Special thanks to Buddy System Studios for the use of their space, equipment, snacks, and general support!

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