Thursday, November 5, 2015

Supermansion -- check it out on Crackle!


Supermansion, the brainchild of director Zeb Wells and produced by my buddies at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, skewers the conventions of the superhero genre, but also creates its own world to play in. With an ongoing show like Supermansion, we get to know the characters a little more in each episode, uncovering secrets in their pasts, learning about vulnerabilities in their daily lives, and seeing how their personalities bounce of each other. With the continual character development, it's a different challenge for the animators than a sketch show like Robot Chicken; the animator needs to create a consistent portrayal of the character that can still grow episode to episode. (There's also room for some kickass action sequences.)

Bryan Cranston and Keegan Michael Key lead a lead a top-notch voice cast, which was a blast to supply animate for. The studio pulled together all of its resources to make something pretty awesome here and I was happy to get a chance to be an animator on it.

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