Monday, May 19, 2014

Oakley: Heritage -- a downshooter, paper cut-out, pixillation, replacement, handdrawn, rotoscope, puppet, stop motion spot

At the end of February, I got a chance to direct this fun Oakley spot with Alden Wallace. Produced by Colin Hudock for Transmission Creative, this spot really goes for it!

Oakley is celebrating their 30th anniversary of making sunglasses with their Heritage line of glasses, bringing some of their classic designs back for sunglasses enthusiasts. For this spot, we wanted to go through all of the most iconic sunglasses as well as incorporating Oakley's most iconic spokes-athletes.

To do this, we played with several different kinds of animation on a downshooter setup: puppet animation (Frogskins), cutout animation (Flak Jacket and Airbrake), photo animation (the Lindsey Vonn sequence), flipbook animation (the Julian Wilson/Shaun White/Eric Koston sequence), replacement object animation (Radarlocks), and the pixilation of human hands throughout.

The art director was Maria Sequeira. The hands belong to Michael Stellman. So, so many things fabricated by Karen Knighton (but especially the big flipbook sequence). Drawings by Javier Barboza. Frog puppet fabricated by Greg Sesma. Animation assistant was Brandon Lake. Andrew Racho did some great post work. Ada Trinh did hand make-up. Oliver Wyatt Lewis was a production assistant. I'm probably forgetting people. Oh yeah, as well as being a co-director, I also animated this thing.

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