Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spy vs. Spy on Mad - Season 4

Just recently wrapping up on Cartoon Network, was season 4 of Mad. I was happy to get a chance to return to the world of Spy vs. Spy again and bring to life these iconic little sociopaths!

The buddies over at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios put it best on their website: "What began as a humor magazine founded in 1952 has transformed into one of the most widely influential and imitated pieces of satirical media in the history of magazine entertainment. Since its rise to popularity, MAD has successfully grown with the times as they have branched off into the realm television, all while maintaining the original sensibilities and spirit of the print magazine – which is a tremendous feat! ...we’re so humbly proud of being part of MAD’s deep history and tremendous imprint on our culture."

This year, I split up the animating duties over 25 episodes with the very talented animators Alex Kamer and Brad Schaffer. Ethan Marak produced, John Sumner and Emily Franz were responsible for the sets and props, Tennesee Reid Norton oversaw puppet fabrication, and Helder Sun was director of photography. (Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone.)

Here are the four episodes that I directed this season:

And just for the completists, here's all of season four in one massive, violent compilation:

Thanks to whoever compiled and uploaded this crazy thing!

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