Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My friends' movie, The Kitchen -- coming to theaters!!

Everyone knows that the really good stuff at parties always happens in the kitchen.

My old buddy Ishai Setton directed the indie comedy The Kitchen and it gets its non-festival theatrical debut this week! It'll be showing at the Laemmle Noho 7, starting this Thursday, March 14th. The film was produced by Emily Ting and shot by Josh Silfen. (Readers of this blog may remember Emily as the woman who brought Justin Beaver into this plane of existence, Josh as the DP on the Foo Fighters video, and Ishai as the editor of Foo Fighters and Gold Lamé.) One of the actors in the movie is another old friend, Adam Michael Rose. (Adam has a horrible habit of always being out of town when I want to cast him in something!)

And the (intentionally bad-looking) cake on the poster, along with all of its stunt-cakes, were baked and decorated by the beautiful and talented Jen Hoche of Uhu Baking. (Full disclosure: she also pays half the rent and often cooks dinner at Pete Levin Films HQ. Also, I probably shouldn't refer to our place as Pete Levin Films HQ.)

The film stars Laura Prepon, Dreama Walker, Bryan Greenberg, Tate Ellington, and Matt Bush. It's got music by a lot of popular bands that the kids know and like, such as "fun." and "Architecture in Helsinki". It's a lot of fun and you should see it twice.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the film may be able to see a glimpse of my facial hair, making it's feature film debut on my blurry face in the background. (I'm in the scene that takes place in the kitchen.)

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